Little Hope was part of the rescue mission to save the Herd of 41. This was a desperate cry out to save a herd that was dumped at Kill Pen in 2018. When a group of Angel rescuers band together they successfully saved them all. When Hope arrived at Stone Valley she was a young filly pregnant. Hope was to young to carry a baby so while the rescue patiently wait they prayed she wouldn’t loose the baby or even her life. When Hope gave birth her babies brain was not fully developed. After desperately trying to get the baby to feed unsuccessfully Terra the founder of Stone Valley rushed the baby to the nearest emergency vet. Sadly the baby did not make it. It took some time for Terra and Hope to recover emotionally, but together the came through to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through the experience Hope and Terra formed a bond and Hope became a big piece of Stone Valley’s heart, and was adopted by the founder. #stonevalleyshope


I love Rayof’s story. Ray was part of the herd of 41 that Hope came from. She came here in November of 2018. She was pregnant when she got out of the pen but due to her malnutrition she absorbed the foal. She was completely unhandled and so afraid of humans after all she had been through. It took awhile to break through her walls, but she finally started letting us in. We continued to work with her through 2019 and most of 2020. After giving her all the training we had the ability to do we determined that the training she needed was beyond our capabilities. We had her halter trained, but stalled out shortly after that. We were glad that through our work with the Arabian Rescue team we were able to close friends with Holly Keller Noel who has an amazing training center Wishful Acres Training Center in PA. We had her transported there, and In less than half a year they had Ray under saddle and adopted into an amazing home.


Rosebud “Rosie” was pulled from the Stanley pen in AR in July of 2019. She came to MI a few months later. She had some major herd bound issues that we worked on, but other than that she was already trained to ride. We worked with her and added some weight to her and she was adopted in May of 2021. #stonevalleysrosie


Scarlet this beautiful mustang/Arabian cross mare was listed on Craigslist for $200, because she was pigeon toed. At the time she was 4. We quickly purchased her. She had been started under saddle but needed training. We gave her training and love and she was adopted in 2019.


Missy is one of my personal favorite success stories because she was adopted personally by my daughter. Missy was one of 53 horses that went through the local auction in Gaylord MI. It was a camp horse sale and she was the only Arabian. As we watched the high horses prices as the first horses went through we did not think we were going to need to pull her. She went cheaper than almost all the other horses, even the ponies. we got her for $700. My daughter instantly fell in love with her. Since then they have been great partners and this beautiful girl has helped Josie turn into a confident rider. She has been adopted by daughter ( technically myself). #stonevalleysmissy


Beautiful Lexi was pulled from Bastrop in November of 2018. She was supposed to be a 7 month old Arabian filly but she is actually a cute 3 year old pony cross. She stayed with us for almost 3 years, we started her under saddle and she was adopted in August of 2021 to the same family that adopted Luna and Candy in 2020. She has two sweet kids that are so excited they added her to their family. #stonevalleyslexi


Luna was pulled from Stroud OK kill pen in December of 2019. She was in pretty rough shape. She gained weight and came up here in July of 2020 with Candy her best friend. They hung out together and got some riding in and were both adopted together in September of 2020.


Candy was part of a herd of Arabians mares that went through the Stroud OK kill pen in March of 2020. She came up here with Luna in July and enjoyed some riding time and went to a couple of shows. She was quickly adopted and went to her new home with Luna in September of 2020.


Mac was an local owner surrender in Spring of 2019. We gave him some time, and had a lameness issue checked and determined that he just needed some hoof care and he turned into a sound, healthy riding boy. He was adopted later that spring.


In January of 2020 there was a gelding posted at Kaufman’s in Forney TX. The Arabian group sent half bail to hold him after a week. 4 days later he still had no home so we raised the funds and took him. The second photo was of his pickup, the next two were in quarantine. Shortly after that we were contact by an amazing lady who wanted him. Once he was ready he was transported to CA and then headed to HI. He settled happily into his new home, a few months later and has been thriving since.


Cherokee was pulled from the Elkhart auction in June of 2021. He was ridden through but was so skinny. They said he was a playday horse. He was adopted out of quarantine, and is now in his new home in TX. His name is now Zander. #stonevalleyscherokee


Ozzie is a 16 year old Arabian gelding who was pulled out of the auction in Unadilla NY auction. He is gentle and Loves attention. Ozzie is 15 hands and we have submitted a DNA test on him and are waiting to get the results back. He has a beautiful unique spot on his belly too. He was adopted and is settled into his new home.


Comet was pulled from the Cleburne TX auction in July 2021. He was well trained and just needed some TLC. We brought him to MI, spent some time getting him back to the beautiful horse we knew he was under that neglect and he was quickly adopted and happily settled into his new home in PA. #SVRHComet

Moon Dancer

Moon Dance was pulled from the Elkhart auction in TX in September of 2021. We soon realized that he had gone through the Kaufman kill pen in January of 2021. This is something we hate to see.. While in quarantine we found out how well this boy rode. He was adopted shortly after his quarantine was finished and will never see a pen or auction again. #SVRHmoondancer


Magic was pulled from Kaufman’s in TX in March of 2021. He was one of 8 horses dumped in the pen. He made the journey to MI in June and finish his rehab. This boy is so sweet and smart. Once he was ready he quickly found his new home. #stonevalleysmagic


Silver was pulled from the auction in Gaylord MI in September of 2021. He did not need much training but he diffidently needed some maintenance. We got him up to date on everything and he was quickly adopted and went to his new home in early December 2021. #SVRHSilver


Lola was saved from the kill pen in WI in August 2021. A beautiful 12 year old mare, she was about to ship, so we stepped up for her. She road well and quickly found her forever home. She went to her new home with Silver and Zues un December 2021. #SVRHLola

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